Vision & Mission

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CIRTD visualizes of “a society where the animal existence of its people is unthreatened, each and every need for leading a dignified social life is satisfied, where everybody irrespective of caste, community, religion, culture or gender enjoys equal privilege/opportunity to attain mental excellence, material achievement and scope for self actualization in a beautiful and healthy environment, in an atmosphere of peace, belongingness and love for which s/he could feel proud of belonging to as an inseparable and equal in that society”.
The Belief

  • Change is possible and through well organized collective action, it becomes easier to achieve.
  • The true resource of a society/nation is not in its accumulated wealth, but is in its human beings.
  • All the wealth of the world can not help a single little Indian village, if its people are not taught to help themselves.


The mission of CIRTD is to transform the present state of the society into an achieved reality as described in its vision by involving people as the contributing members in the mission by strategically motivating, organizing and mobilizing them mainly for:-

  • Eradication of poverty and promotion of prosperity through suitable means.
  • Eradication of illiteracy & social evils and promotion of the sense of equality and scientific attitude in & towards social life.
  • Eradication of civic inertia, assurance of both fundamental and Human Rights to all the establishment of democracy in true spirit.
  • Eradication of gross deprivation of the benefits meant for the people (in general or targeted) from any Act/Rule/Project/Programme/Scheme/Policy of/in the “Constitution of India” being implemented by the state or any other agency and to do effective advocacy for appropriate formulation or amendment (change) in those Acts/Rules/Policies etc. for fruitful implementation.
  • Preservation of cultural heritage and promotion of art and culture
  • To carry out philanthropic services for the needy, like relief, rehabilitation programme etc. in emergencies or in so demanding situations.
  • Eradication of preventable diseases and promotion of General Health status of the society.

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