Women Empowerment

By , August 14, 2009 12:55 am

Although the Constitution of India guarantees women equal rights with men, women do not have equal rights in the prevailing social pattern, which invariably accords a higher status to men. Gender disparities are evident in many aspects of Indian society. Statistics for health, education, poverty, domestic violence, representation and other indicators of quality of life show the severe disadvantages that most Indian women experience.

Due to lack of proper education, better training, access to appropriate technology and the means of enhanced productivity, most women are unable to make any independent income of their won to establish their dignity as producers in their respective families. It is also an established fact that women have tremendous capacity and endurance to work hard through long and tedious hours even in odd working situations.

CIRTD strongly believes that if in any way their potential could be expressed in some collective form, miracles could take place. For sustainable development of the society, empowerment of women is a must. CIRTD is striving to empower women to see the miracles take place and every woman even at the most remote spot is self-reliant, bubbling with self – confidence and courage; is capable enough to make effective decisions independently; in working at per with men for sustainable development of her family and the society and most of all re-establish her dignity as the better half in reality.

Strategically women folk in the operational area were organized first into Self Help Groups (SHGs) and other informal groups and then these groups are confederated at their area level.


  • Promotion and strengthening of grassroots level women’s organisations like Chaturdhara and Saptadhara Mahila Mahasangha and networks to take up inequality and empowerment related issues
  • Meetings and awareness camps
  • Women’s Convention
  • Training and capacity development programmes for enhancement of their Leadership & communication skill.
  • Exposures for better understandings
  • Rallies and campaigns

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