Conservation of Environment & Natural Resources

By , August 14, 2009 12:43 am

The unlimited greed of man is threading the healthy and diverse biological order that needs immediate correction. He is exploitating both biological and other precious natural resources beyond the replenishment levels threatening the future generations. It is time to make man realize the negative impact of over drawing or polluting of nature in true sense. Otherwise, a day may not be far off when our future generation would be compelled to face several risks including shortage of food and other requirements.

Establishment of sponge iron in the working area has greatly increased pollution. Vehicle exhaust, coal burning and smoke from factories form small particles in the air that cause serious health damage. Air pollution from industrial emission, car exhaust and burning of fuels killing the people every year from respiratory damage, heart and lung damage and cancer. Besides harming human health, air pollution causes direct economic losses.
To protect the environment and natural resources and its proper management we organized the following activities

(a) Mass Concretization Programme
(b) Environment awareness campaign
(c) Rally and street plays at village level
(d) Poster and leaflet campaign

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